DNA Research Center

According to Law No. 12 of 2011, the DNA Research Center was established at the University of Babylon in 2013. The center is consist of many different of branch:

Genetic engineering, nanotechnology, tissue culture, biotechnology and bioseparation, molecular biology, and forensic evidence.

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Glance About The Center

The DNA Research Center of the University of Babylon provides academic and social services for the academic community, government, and civil society.

Our current services include DNA diagnostics for state institutions like the Ministries of Higher Education, Health, Agriculture, Interior, Defense, Justice, and Human Rights.

The center studies forensic evidence, genetic fingerprinting, molecular biology, and biochemistry.

It trains students and gives them special skills for state jobs.

Holding Conferences and seminars.

The DNA Research Center's services include providing a research environment, searching for innovative solutions to problems, and communicating with the community through training courses, workshops, and activities.

Form multidisciplinary research teams in biology, chemistry, forensics, biotechnology, genetic engineering, environmental, and agricultural sciences to improve collaboration.

The center also provides scientific advice and receives questions from postgraduate students through its website.

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